Tools Needed for Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

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What You'll Need
Press brake
Crimping tool
Paint brush

There are several materials that can be used for roofing including brick, slate and asphalt shingles, but some people prefer to have a standing seam metal roof, as it can last up to fifty years, and is thus considered quite durable. If you are going to install a standing seam metal roof yourself, here are the tools that you will need for the job.

1. Ladder

This common household tool will be used to enable you to climb onto the roof to carry out the work. Before climbing, ensure that the ladder is sturdy. Ideally, have someone footing, or supporting, the ladder.

2. Press Brake

This is a large tool that is used to bend the large sheets of roof metal into the ridged shapes that you see on roofs. The machine has a V-shaped metal section and when you push the top of the machine, it bends the metal into this shape.

3. Crimping Tool

This is used to crimp the peaked edges of the metal panels together. This creates the standing seam by making a raised joint, as well as ensures the roof is waterproof.

4. Paint Brush

This tool is common within any household, and is used to paint the standing seam metal roof once it is installed. Painting not only makes the roof match the color of the rest of your house, it also protects the metal from the elements.