Tools That Do Double-Duty

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Tools can get expensive, which is why it's always a good idea to purchase the ones that serve multiple purposes when possible. Keeping only a few multipurpose items is also great for saving space. Unfortunately, the world of hardware falls short of variety when it comes to double-duty utensils—other than duct tape of course.

If you’ve been searching for adaptable tools, don’t worry if you’ve come up short. We've come up with some of the best hardware utensils to meet all your multipurpose needs. In addition to finding the best double-duty and triple-duty items, we know which ones can serve 20 to 30 different purposes depending on the situation at hand.

1. Drill / Driver

One of the most versatile tools you can own is a drill. In fact, I once found my son using his power drill as a mixer with one of my egg beaters attached.

As you can see, the creative mind can use drills and drivers for much more than their intended purpose. Here are some other uses for your power drill:

Grout / Cement / Paint Mixer

There are some attachments you can buy for your drill that will turn it into a powerful mixing tool for grout, cement, and paint. Mixing paint with a mixing attachment is much more effective than doing so with a stir stick, especially for paint that's been sitting unused for a while.


Using a sanding drum can turn your drill into a mini sander for areas that are more difficult to get to, like curved surfaces.

Rust Removal

To more effectively remove rust, you can get a brush bit, which is also nice for polishing things.


If you need to grind down metal, but you don't own an angle grinder, there’s attachment you can buy for your drill that will allow you to use wheels made for angle grinders.

2. Rotary Tool

Most of us know rotary tools by the brand name of Dremel, however, there are many other types out there. Depending on available attachments, most of them can do dozens of different things, including cutting (get small circular saw blades or jig saw blades for cutting wood, glass, and metal), grinding, drilling, driving, sanding, and polishing. They can also be used as routers; utensils for engraving and detailing on metal, jewelry, and stone; grout removers; tile cutters; or drills for stones and glassware.

3. Orbit Sander

A random orbit sander (aka orbital palm sander) has a round surface for attaching Velcro pads. This makes it a perfect choice for most sanding jobs. With the right waxing/polishing pads, and can also be great for touching up your car.

4. Reciprocating Saw

As far as tools go, reciprocating saws can cut just about anything. Also known as a Sawzall, which is the most common brand name version, this item can cut through metal, wood, plastic, rubber or leather. More than that, it will cut smooth and clean lines.

Whether you're demolishing a house or building a new one, a reciprocating saw is likely to be what comes to your rescue for your chopping and cutting needs. You can use to easily cut through old plumbing, electrical wires (please make sure the power is shut off), and trees.

Keep in mind that while most tools operate fine cordless, this would be more powerful if plugged into a power source during use.

5. Circular Saw

Making a circular saw into a double-duty appliance will require some DIY skills, but it's worth it in the end.

The circular saw is a necessary tool when owning a home; it's needed to cut siding, fencing, decking, sheetrock, and more. In addition to its many intended uses, it can also be turned into a table saw to make it even more valuable.

By using a few sawhorses, a piece of plywood, and some straight iron pieces as your guide, you can your own table saw. What makes it even more versatile, is that you can simply assemble it all as needed, so you can save space in your garage.

These five tools can save you money, time, and space if you expand their intended uses.

Do you know of any more like them? We'd love to hear about which tools help you the most, so please comment below!