Tools Wishlist: Husky Air Tools

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Painters have their palette. Archers have their quiver. And we craftspeople have our tools. On shelves, in bags, weighing down our belts. But there’s always room for more. Sometimes a tool just looks cool, other times we’re stuck on a project and think, “If I only had a…”

Welcome to the wish list. Today we’re looking at air compressors and air tools by Husky. And there’s a lot to like.


I know I might be dreaming about these air tools, but I can also be practical, and that means I’ll start with picking the right compressor for my shop and needs.

Because I don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to a stationary compressor, I’d probably go with Husky’s 4 Gallon Wheeled Stack Tank Compressor. They have a model that’s a little smaller (3 Gal.), but I think this one would be a nice balance between capacity and portability. With it’s wheels and telescoping handle, I could move it around my shop, or take it to my brother’s place for his projects. 1.5 HP from an oil free compressor motor, creating a max of 155 psi would be ideal for driving most air tools.Compressor

Looking over the tool options inspires a big project I’ve always dreamed of tackling. Once I have enough space to park it, I’d love to get an old military diesel truck, fix it up and convert it to clean burning bio-diesel. Knowing Husky is backed by Home Depot’s “Guaranteed Forever” warrantee is reassuring when going after such a big and rigorous job as this one.

Impact Wrench

Husky’s Half Inch Impact Wrench would be ideal for this kind of endeavor. With 800 foot-pounds of torque, old or rusted nuts would be no problem. It’s composite body would lighten the load for long days in the shop. And because it has built in silencing, there’s less risk of causing a disturbance in the neighborhood.

Inpact Wrench


Husky’s 3/8th Inch Reactionless Ratchet also has the silencing technology. This would be more of a finesse tool, with 80 foot-pounds of torque and a low profile shape for hard to reach areas. Perfect for something under the dashboard or in a cramped engine compartment.Reactionless Ratchet

Palm Sander

An old truck would definitely need a little body work. While I’m not an expert in that field, I could at least get the job started by knocking some rust off with Husky’s 6-Inch Low Vibration Palm Sander. Like the other tools, it has silencing technology built in, but the low vibration is what caught my eye. The last thing I want after a long sanding job is a numb or buzzing hand.

Palm Sander

Finish Nailer

The sander could also do double duty in the wood shop. Pair it with Husky’s DP Series 16-Gage Straight Finish Nailer, and you could tackle a ton of woodworking projects, from trimming out doors and windows to framing light furniture. Because the nailer handles ¾ to 2-½ inch nails, with tool-free depth adjustment, it would work with a variety of wood thicknesses.

Finish Nailer

Imagine my renovated bio-diesel truck with custom wood tool boxes and cabinets lining the back. Then, next time I’m doing a friend a handyman favor, I could roll up in my one of a kind truck, pull out the Husky tools and get to work in style.