Types of Fasteners

Ready-made fasteners and connectors are now on the market for just about any job you may need to do, whether it's building a fence, a deck or a house. They can be used where wood meets wood, concrete or brick, and most are approved by the Uniform Building Code requirements. However, you should always consult your local building code before using them. These connectors can often save you money, labor, materials and time when constructing a project.

Safety plates. These prevent accidental nailing into utility wires or pipes that pass through framing.

Nail plates and plate straps. These work well as mending plates or for light-duty wood-to-wood splices.

Fence brackets. These simplify fence construction and allow for easy disassembly when necessary.

Sawhorse brackets. These turn a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 into a necessary support tool in just one step.

Stud shoe. This will reinforce a joist stud or rafter that may have been drilled or notched during construction.

Drywall clips. These can be used for wallboard or paneling.

Foundation and masonry connections. These include foundation anchors, brick wall ties and floor jacks, among others.

Post anchors. These are designed to support a post from the ground up. These eliminate deep post holes and prevent wood rot or termite damage.

Post caps and plates. These are used for a strong support where one or more beams must be connected.

Joist hangers. These aid in accurate, uniform connections and allow a structure to hold greater loads than do other techniques.

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