Top 10 Bathroom Repairs

bathroom repairs

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It’s the one room that everyone in the home uses. A bathroom is more than just a toilet and a shower; it’s often a sanctuary where one can escape from the stresses of life for a few minutes, until a sibling starts banging on the door, that is. Here are ten easy bathroom repairs that any homeowner can use to keep the sanctity of their bathroom in tact.


Over time, humidity can wreck havoc on a bathroom’s paint job. One of the simplest things you can do to spruce up the look of your bathroom is to give it a nice new coat of paint. Before you go crazy with your brush and roller, be sure to look for any signs of cracks in the old paint.
Scrape away any chipping areas and fill the spots with spackle. After it dries, sand the spot and add another layer of spackle. Continue the process until the spot is nice and smooth. Now, you can go ahead and start painting.

Replace a Light Fixture

Bathroom light fixtures come in such variety these days that you can add a personal touch simply by choosing a new light for your bathroom. Keep in mind how much illumination you need in the room; however; the light cast by these fixtures can vary greatly. Choose a fixture that provides the perfect balance of light and style, and you can’t go wrong.

Add Some Shelving

Adding a decorative shelf to your bathroom will give it a more personal touch. There are hundreds of different types of shelves available in home improvement stores. They are all relatively easy to install. Top the shelf with a candle, pictures, or a few personal nic-nacs for a touch of instant warmth.

Update the Mirror

The central focus point for most bathrooms is the mirror above the sink. It’s important that a mirror match the look and feel of a bathroom or it will look completely out of place. If the mirror you have is a plain piece of square mirror, try adding a frame around it to give it a more esteemed look or, paint the mirror’s existing frame a new color to give it new life.

Clean the Drains

A bathroom can look as nice as a picture, but if the drains are clogged, who cares? Don’t wait until the water won’t budge. Clean out the drains using a plastic drain cleaning tool (available at home improvement stores for under $5) or try an eco-friendly unclogging solution like Alka-Seltzer tablets and white vinegar.

Fix Dripping Faucets

The sound of a dripping faucet can quickly have you pulling your hair out. Luckily, it’s easy to fix. First, feel the dripping water to tell if the hot or cold side is leaking. Turn off both the hot and cold water supply, lines located in the cabinet under the sink.

Remove the knob for the side that’s leaking and unscrew the valve stem. Check the washer located at the base of the stem and replace if it’s in poor shape. Replace all of the components and turn the water supply back on. Check for leaks.

Replace Caulking

Old or damaged caulking will eventually start to look and smell terrible. If you’re going to replace the caulk around your tub, then you should replace the caulk throughout your bathroom to get it all done at once. Be sure to remove all of the excess old caulk and make sure the surface is clean and dry before applying a new bead.

Re-Grout the Tiles

If you have ceramic tile flooring or ceramic tiles on the shower walls, check the grout lines for signs of wear and mold. Use a grout saw to remove about an eighth of an inch from the uppermost layer of grout. Apply a fresh layer of grout with a rubber grout float. Use a high quality grout sealer to prevent future mold development.

Stopping a Running Toilet

A constantly running toilet is a sign that the flapper is either worn or not seated correctly. Remove the tank cover and replace the flapper with a new one. Before you do, use a nylon scrubbing pad to scrub away any build-up along the throat against which the flapper rests.

Straightening Curled Linoleum

When linoleum starts to curl, it becomes ugly and dangerous. Flattening it out can provide you with a temporary fix. Just lay a towel over the curled linoleum and apply heat to it using a clothes iron. Once the linoleum is heated, gently lift the area and apply some adhesive underneath it. Flatten the linoleum back down and set something heavy on top of it for several hours. Apply fresh caulk at the seam and your floor will look much better.