Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories

Whether you call it a hot tub or a spa, both are great ways to unwind and relax at home. Of course, a hot tub and a spa can be either above the ground or in the ground and are similar to a big bathtub with jets. In addition to relaxing, there are a number of hot tub accessories that you can buy for even more fun.

Many hot tub accessories can be found on line or in pool and spa specialty stores, as well as patio stores. There is everything from spa pillows to rest your head to umbrellas to shield the harmful UV rays.

Here are 10 of the more popular hot tub accessories.

#1 Pillows

What better way to sit back and enjoy your time in the hot tub than by also resting your weary head. There are inflatable hot tub pillows take kicking back and enjoying the spa experience to the next level. There are various shapes and sizes ranging from contoured to jellybean shaped depending on personal preference.

#2 Covers

The best way to keep your spa or hot tub in tip-top shape is with a cover of some sort. Protective covers are usually manufactured in heavy materials like polyethylene and can completely cover the unit when it is not in use. This keeps animals, dust and other debris from accumulating, as well as the hot sun which could cause algae, as well as snow and rain in colder climates from leaving damage.

#3 Spa Lights

Spa lights in various colors can be used to replace ordinary iridescent bulls and some come in LED and radiate warm rainbow colors.

#4 Water Seats

Sometimes you want a little lift and thanks to contoured water booster seats, you can be lifted while you sit in your hot tub or spa by a few inches. These pillow-like accessories can also help make your back feel more comfortable thanks to its added support.

#5 Vacuums

Vacuums come in all sizes, shapes and costs, but their one goal is to keep your spa clean from debris from top to bottom. Some vacuums are now available for the hot tub or spa without hoses.

#6 Filters

Most spas or hit tubs have filters that need to be cleaned by hand, but there are some on the market that are automatic and do not require cartridges.

#7 Beverage Holders

No place to put your drink? There are hot tub beverage holders that adhere with suction cups to the sides of your spa making drinking much easier, within reach and out of water. 

# 8 Handrails

Hot tub handrails can help you get in and out of the hot tub with ease and they are easy to install.

# 9 Tub Umbrellas

If you want to keep out of the sun but not the hot tub, there are now extra large umbrellas on stands that look stylish and also keep UV Rays at bay. Some rotate 360 degrees and are made of durable fabrics that do not fade.

#10 Aromatherapy

There are a number of hot tub/spa fragrances out on the market that are blended to smell like vanilla, fruits and flowers and that can be added to regular hot tub water for a relaxing spa experience. They also get rid of chlorine and chemical odors.