Top 11 Must-Have Home Theater Accessories

A home theater, which seeks to reproduce premium-quality video and audio in the comfort of your home, uses a number of home theater accessories. When you own a home theater system, you won't have to go to movie theaters or cinemas to enjoy the highest levels of video and audio quality. To make your movie-watching experience more comfortable and enjoyable, consider some of the following home theater accessories.

In-Wall or In-Ceiling Speakers

In-wall and in-ceiling speakers allow you to expand your listening environment throughout your entire room. You also rid your living space from the clutter of giant box speakers.

Speaker Volume Controller

The volume control allows you to adjust the volume in your entire sound system. Sound control makes the viewing experience more pleasurable. When correctly installed, it allows you to adjust the sound, depending on the type of film you are viewing.


Headphones are useful when you'd like to enjoy a movie on your own and don't want to disturb other people while you're watching.

Video Scaler and Processor

A good-quality video scaler and processor helps to deliver the best possible image on an HDTV from Composite, S-Video, Component, PC or HDMI sources.

Video Projection Screen

You can always step up your home theater to the next level. You can opt not to use an HDTV for your viewing but instead to use a video projection screen. Projection screens are becoming more competitive in price. Especially if your viewing room is large, you may want to consider a screen.

Universal Remote Control

Installing a home theater system means having a lot of electrical equipment and usually a large number of remote controls. A universal remote control operates all the equipment, so it provides a great solution to the clutter problem. It's a small and fairly inexpensive part of your home theater accessories, but it's useful nonetheless.

Home Theater Power Management System

A power management system provide all the outlets you need and also monitors and regulates your voltage level. It aids in clearing up power interference.

Equipment Cleaning Kit

An LCD cleaning kit can help you maintain and clean your home theater accessories and main equipment.

Movie Posters

Putting up posters in your own home theater can create a genuine movie theater atmosphere. Consider classic movie themes and pictures of Hollywood stars for maximum effect.

Home Theater Lounger

A good movie often goes with popcorn, soda and, most especially, a cozy chair. An ordinary couch may do, but also consider a comfortable lounger.

Cabinets and Storage

You need to have good cabinets or storage for your home theater accessories and equipment. Good storage will keep everything properly arranged and clean. Proper storage is also essential in preserving your equipment and keeping it in good working condition.