Top 3 Dangers Associated With a French Drain

A french drain is not always the best choice for a drainage system. There are a variety of disadvantages to this type of drain pipe. These pipes also have a limited lifespan.

1 - Working in Dangerous Situations

A great deal of understanding about the French drain pipe is required before it can be installed safely. The installation can be located near gas lines and other utility lines. Underground wiring pipes and lines can cause dangerous installation situations. It may also require the removal of various decks, porches, sidewalks and other structures or shrubs. Professional advice and assistance in the installation of a French drain pipe is strongly advised.

2 - Problems for Foundations

When installing the French drain pipe, it is necessary to take care not to dig too low or too close to the foundation. Both situations can cause problems to the structural integrity of the foundation.

3 - Clogged Pipes

Muddy soil can get into the French drain pipe and clog it. The pipe will need to be installed at a deep level but this location can also cause water and sediment to get into the system. Over time the sediment can clog the pipe An above ground French drain pipe can also become clogged.