Top 3 Ways to Finish a Coffee Table

For a durable finish coffee table tops can be covered with quite a few surfaces which are long lasting. Coffee tables are prone to spills and do get knocked around quite a bit in their every day use, so having a strong and durable top on your table will keep it looking better for longer.

1 - Tiles

Tiles are a very Mediterranean or South American look. The use of ceramic tiles to resurface a coffee table means easy cleaning solutions and a hard wearing finish. Be aware that dropping heavy items will damage the tiles, but with care, your coffee table’s tiled top will serve you for years.

2 - Glass

Thick glass is often used a way to still retain the beautiful wooden top beneath it but see it at the same time. Glass is extremely flexible in its uses and one idea would be to create a photo album or selected pictures, placed under the glass for people to look at. The photos are protected by the glass from spills and damage but at the same time offer an entertaining table top for your visitors.

3 – Wood

Heavily varnished wood is an attractive option too. Yacht varnish would be advisable for its durable, waterproof and long lasting finish. As many as seven or eight coats would be needed but the effects would be a shiny, glossy wooden grain that would stand out among others.