Top 4 Uses for Stone Veneer

Stone veneer has many uses. It is more for cosmetic repairs or cover that people turn to the use of veneer. Stone veneer is a very cheap way of creating a stone wall effect and can be used inside or outside. It is made from real stone but it is more like tiles rather than bricks or slabs.

1.  Exterior

Stone veneer is often used on houses. Plain wooden or brick houses can have a veneer covering which will give them a stone cottage effect and make it appear as though they are originally made from stone instead of the actual manufacture material. Although, veneer is not suitable for every single home.

2. Interior

If you have chimney which could use a face lift, stone veneer can certainly offer a different look. Your chimney breast can look as though it has been there for over a hundred years by stone veneering it.

3. Plain Concrete

Dress up plain concrete by giving it a stone veneer. Concrete walls are very dull in appearance, even when painted, so using a veneer will offer a far more attractive look and make it a little more three dimensional.

4. Interior Walls

Interior walls can be made more attractive, whether they are supporting walls or not. Stone veneer is light enough that it will not damage the wall or pull plaster from it. In fact it will actually strengthen the wall.