Top 5 DIYs of 2016

Let's Take a Look Back at 2016

We hope your 2016 was as productive and DIY-oriented as ours. While we're planning new home improvement projects and fresh content to bring you in 2017, we want to take a moment to highlight some of the most popular articles on our site from last year. Which ones did you miss?

1. Where to Install Smoke and CO Alarms

Not sure where to install smoke or carbon monoxide alarms? We share the best places to put them for the safety of your home and loved ones, as well as tips for their maintenance. 

2. 17 Car Hacks for Cleaning and Maintenance

Who doesn't like a good hack? Try out some of these tips for getting your car clean and running its best. 

3. What to Consider Before Starting a Floor Tile Project

Tiling a floor is a project someone with average DIY experience can tackle, but not without proper planning. Make sure you've got these things covered before beginning. 

5. 4 Things to Do With a Quart of Paint

There's always a can or two of leftover paint in any DIYer's garage. Make it your mission this year to use it up with these creative ideas! 

4. How to Heat Your Home (Without Turning the Heater On)

Everyone likes to save a bit of money on their utility bills, especially after the onset of winter weather. Here's some creative ways to bypass the heater but still keep cozy.