Top 5 Ideas for Using Pigeon Hole Shelving Units

Pigeon hole shelving units are designed as shelves separated into individual boxes of varying sizes. They are traditionally used for storage. Read on to learn 5 efficient ways to use pigeon hole shelving.

Shoe Storage

Pigeon hole shelving is an ideal way to store shoes neatly and to help keep them out of the way. The shelves can be designed to hold any number of pairs of shoes, providing a great space saver for closets or hallways.

Children's Toys

Keep children's toys neat and tidy by building pigeon hole shelving. Use a brightly colored box as a drawer to keep like items together.

CD/DVD Storage

Pigeon hole shelving cut to the size of a standard CD or DVD case can be an attractive and tidy way to organize your media. Create custom-sized spaces to accommodate sound systems, speakers and DVD / Blu-ray players.

Office Supplies

Small pigeon holes are ideal for organizing your workspace. Make units big enough for envelopes and other stationary items to keep them tidy and close to hand. If the units are made narrow enough, they are also very useful for filing letters and invoices in a neat and tidy manner.

Decorative Shelving Room Dividers

Large pigeon hole-style shelving can make an interesting room divider with spaces to display vases, picture frames, candles and other decorative objects.