Top 5 Inexpensive Window Treatments

Inexpensive window treatments can save homeowners a lot of money without compromising the interior design inside a home. There are numerous ways to get window treatments at very affordable prices and some of them will be discussed below.

1 - Create Valances out of Inexpensive Fabric Sheets

Window valances offer decorative quality to a window and making one can be an exciting project. First of all, there is no need to purchase new fabrics in order to make beautiful valances. Old tablecloths or unused sheet fabrics can be used as the main material. If there are no available fabric sheets, simply buy some from auction sites, thrift shops or bargain stores.

To make a valance, measure the entire width of the window and transfer it to the fabric. This will make a straight valance. Transfer twice or thrice the width of the window to the sheet to make gathered valances. Afterwards, sew the top side of the sheet to create the hems. Install the valance to the window rod.

2 - Inexpensive Full Length Curtains

To cover the entire area of the window, create curtains out of unused fabrics, tablecloths or any other sheet that can be recycled and made into window curtains. To purchase inexpensive window curtains, visit eBay or craigslist and do some comparison-shopping. This may take a while but it will certainly be rewarding. Make sure that the curtain to be purchased has the same size of the window or at least more than its width. The length may not matter at all because the bottom part of the curtain can be cut and sewn back.

3 - Window Blinds

Cheap plastic or bamboo window blinds are also some of the best window treatments anyone can have. These inexpensive treatments are easy to install and easy to use. Because window blinds are designed to cover the entire window, they can be used to provide privacy. They can also effectively block direct sunlight to avoid heat build up inside a home.

4 - Sheer Fabrics

Instead of using thick window curtains, make use of sheer fabrics in rooms that do not need to have too much privacy. These fabrics are thin, translucent, and very inexpensive. They come in different colors as well to match any interior design.

5 - Faux Frosted Glass and Stained Glass

These options provide direct window treatment and can be used to save money on curtains, valances, or window blinds. Faux frosted glass can be created using a frosted glass spray. Simply spray the glass windows with the bottle according to the manufacturer’s instructions to create a frosted glass look. If you have artistic skills, paint the window glasses with elaborate designs using spray paints.

When it comes to choosing window treatment materials, make sure to be as creative as possible. Always choose treatments that match the interior decoration of the home. To save money, buy used treatments from auctions or bargain stores online or offline and mix and match it with brand new ones.