Top 5 Stylish Eco-Friendly Pedestal Sinks

A bathroom with a pedestal sink.

Pedestal sinks are the perfect solution for a small bathroom, or a half bathroom, where there is not enough room for a full vanity cabinet. Many pedestal sinks are very stylish today and can add a great deal of charm to a new bathroom renovation. Pedestal sinks are becoming more popular today as people are looking for ways to add a small bathroom in an apartment, over a garage, or simply adding another bathroom for a growing family.

Pedestal Sink Design

A pedestal sink is a small, sleek sink that is usually mounted to the wall, or to a small column that it rests on. All pedestal sinks are distinguished by the single column that runs from the bottom of the sink to the floor. The base of the pedestal sink is used for both style and hiding the plumbing. This column can be any number of different shapes from a simple flat design, a column design, or fancy and intricate shapes. This type of sink can be very stylish in design for even the most contemporary of tastes.

1. Flat Top Pedestal Sink

The flat top pedestal sink is one that has been gaining in popularity for homeowners with a more modern design aesthetic. The flat-top design incorporates a bowl sink as the basin. This type of pedestal sink is very compact and can fit into any type of bathroom. With many styles of bowl sinks to choose from, it will also fit into any type of decor.

2. Corner Pedestal Sink

Another compact style of pedestal sink is the corner pedestal sink. This sink is shaped in such a way that it fits neatly into a corner. This is a great option for irregular shaped bathrooms where there is not a lot of straight wall space. A corner pedestal sink can be purchased with a pedestal on which to rest or it can be mounted directly to the wall.

3. All-in-One Pedestal Sink

One of the more popular pedestal sinks is one that comes in one single piece. The all-in-one type of pedestal sink does not have different pieces for the sink and column. There is one molded piece that contains both the sink and pedestal. These sinks are less expensive than other types because of the one-piece molding. The all-in-one pedestal sink is mostly available in fiberglass or porcelain.

4. Iron Pedestal Sink

For a more traditional look, many homeowners choose an all iron or copper pedestal sink. These sinks are handmade and, therefore, much more expensive than other types of sinks. However, they will last for a long period of time and fit well with a rustic design. Choose iron fixtures, a waterfall type fixture, or even a bowl sink basin for a more elaborate look.

5. Glass Pedestal Sink

This type of pedestal sink is seen in a lot of lofts, and modern designs. It incorporates an all-glass base and sink for a great effect. Some glass pedestal sinks install small LED lights for a contemporary glow during the night.