Top Five Window Treatments for Large Windows

When considering window treatments for large windows you have to keep in mind that besides lighting up a room with a good amount of natural light and providing a wider view of the outside world, a large window could very well be the main focal point of any room. This demands that some thought is given on how to give it the appropriate treatment with the right style and design. Privacy, the right amount of light preferred and insulation against extreme weather conditions should also be well thought out.

1. Window Orientation

Curtains are the most popular treatment for large windows. If the window faces south it will be getting plenty of sunlight for long hours, so any curtains, particularly so if made of expensive material, have to be lined or protected against the sunlight by insulating blinds.

2. Right Design

Curtains with a big design and pattern look very well on large windows. Two panel curtains that cover the entire window can be pulled to the side with tie backs to allow light to enter the room and left closed when privacy is desired. Another treatment idea could be pairing a valance with a curtain that only covers the lower half of the window. This is not a good idea if there is a radiator below the window sill. It is best to use full length curtains to hide it from view.

3. Right Material

Cotton drapes are very well suited in childrens' rooms or in kitchens as cotton is very washable and durable. Velvet, silk, brocade, linen or lace will look stupendous on large windows and will enhance a formal room to give it a rich, quality décor. Sheer materials can be used in combination with heavy drapes if more light is preferred.

4. Blind use

Vertical or horizontal blinds are also practical for large windows and there are plenty of eco-friendly textures and colors to choose from. Vertical blinds are more formal looking but if you are looking for a cozy look rather than a formal one, horizontal blinds can fit the bill.

Roman blinds which are made from a soft material also do a good job with large windows as they provide total privacy and can be rolled back to let the world come in. Blinds are also good insulators which can save on your electricity bills. In some shops you can find roman blinds that are paired with a valance for a complete look.

5. Bow and Bay Windows

These types of windows are an architectural delight that will provide a large outside view and will also draw attention from the street, so consideration must be given on how they will look on the outside. Whatever kind of treatment is chosen has to complement outside and inside. Soft roman blinds can be another choice as they provide privacy and insulation, and look good from both sides. Material for the curtains and other accessories has to be chosen according to the inner décor.

Having large windows is an asset to any house. Large windows are good looking, provide plenty of light and air, an expanded outside view and an idea of spaciousness wherever they are situated. The down side is that they are rather expensive to dress especially if the chosen style has to be custom made.

It also takes a lot of elbow grease to keep all that glass gleaming if the window and its accoutrements are to look their best. However, the end result of a well dressed large window will make up for it in a stupendous way.