Top Rated Dog Food for Dogs with Allergies

There are a lot of top rated dog foods out there for all types of dogs. Unfortunately many of our four legged companions can be allergic to ingredients in regular dog food. With many brands emerging that claim to be natural and better, trying to find good quality can be hard to find if you do not know much about the natural foods that are beneficial for your pooch. You need to know what you are giving to your pet just like you do your family. Below are the top 5 brands for dogs with allergies, why they are beneficial, and where to find them.

Blue Buffalo

This brand of food was made by a family that had a pet with special needs. The ingredients are all natural and wholesome. They also have the nutrients that your canine companion needs for a long and healthy life, starting with puppies and going up from there. You can also get good treats to reward your pet with. You can buy it online or at most feed supply stores. Some pet retailers carry the brand so check with the store.


This brand offers a wide range of products with fine ingredients like salmon and pork. You do not eat the same food every day, why should your pet eat the same stuff daily. They also offer grain free and meat free variations for every age range. They use a formula and recipe from 1948. You can buy the brand at most feed supply stores as well as pet retailers. Online orders are also accepted.

Holistic Select

The company offers organic foods and treats. These foods are made with organic and natural ingredients that the dog’s digestive system tolerates very well. This brand is a good brand for pets that have food allergies to corn or grain. It is offered in puppy food up to senior adult foods. Feed supply shops and pet stores have this food available, or you can buy online.

Newman’s Own Organics

Most know that Paul Newman makes salad dressing. He also has an organic and all natural pet food line. You can choose dry or canned food. It only has whole grains and organic vegetables. He also ensures the best ingredients so that the canine gets the proper nutrients for muscle, bone, and joint health from puppies to senior adults. You can purchase online or at few selected feed supply stores. Some Wal-Mart stores carry it as well. Check out your area to find where it is available.


This brand is by far the most expensive one on the list. You get what you pay for however. This is a Canadian brand pet food that is made by the same family every day. They only use purely organic and free range ingredients, and they offer products in all age and size ranges. Some selections also have chicken or lamb which provides nutrients that promote good health in your pet. They also only use regional products to make their foods. You can only get this brand at pet specialty stores as well as some veterinarian practices. This premium food does come with a premium price.