Top Wood-Look Tile Inspirations for Your Home

An upscale living room with wood accents

Wood decorations are trending upward in the world of home design as it can really bring a unique feel and color to any space. However, creating the perfect wood-look doesn’t always mean you need to give up durability found in materials like tile. With natural-looking wood-look tile, it’s easy to get creative with your home décor, even in high humidity areas like the kitchen or bathroom! Here are our top wood looks for your home.

Reclaimed Wood

The look of reclaimed wood is gaining popularity in home design. Its unique look can really add depth to a room. Popular options for reclaimed wood include fireplace mantels, small accents, and side tables.

A dining room with driftwood wood-look tiles on the floor from Lumber Liquidators

Wood-look Tile

Wood-look tile adds a wood look to your home without adding additional maintenance. Tile comes in a slew of grain designs and colors, all of which are available at your local Lumber Liquidators. Not only do they replicate the gorgeous look of real wood, but these tiles can be installed in any area of the home, even in high-moisture places such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are also super easy to clean.


The look of driftwood is in a similar vein as reclaimed lumber styles — it blends well with modern pieces. Driftwood flooring designs are great when paired with modern furnishings and can really give a space a unique and fresh look and artistic flair.

Lumber Liquidators Wood-Look Tiles as Wall Planks in a Bedroom

Wall Planks

Using wood on walls has been on the rise in recent years. You can find all types of flooring planks that can be used on your walls at your nearest Lumber Liquidators store. Adding wood to the walls will give a room a unique personality while lending itself to a particular style. For example, you may want to leave the wood planks natural in color to give the space a rustic, cabin feel. You can also use different types of wood and colors to add a layer of depth to the room.

Wood Ceilings

Ceilings are sometimes the last things homeowners address when remodeling — yet they are one of the most important elements in a room. Not only can a wood ceiling add interesting architectural elements to a space, but it can also pull the entire room together, from top to bottom. Luckily, it does not take a lot of wood to make a ceiling pop. You can go as subtle as using wood trim around the perimeter of the ceiling or go bold by planking the entire surface. Whatever you choose, just make sure the wood blends in with its surroundings and compliments the floor material.

A nursery room with wood accents from Lumber Liquidators

Wood Finish

Whether you plan on using wood accents to highlight features in your home or go all out with planks on walls, the finish on the wood is an important element in achieving your desired look. All types of wood have their own unique grain patterns and natural hues. For instance, woods with darker tones will make a room look more formal and can help hide imperfections. When it comes to grain patterns, woods with strong grain patterns tend to give off a more rustic feel while lighter grains go well in a modern setting.

Wood Accents

You do not have to incorporate a lot of wood into a space to make it look appealing. Wood accents are a great way to infuse a more comfortable feel into a room without undertaking a major project. For example, you can add wooden bench stools to the kitchen to transform it from a utilitarian space to something cozier. The grain and color of the wood also offsets nicely with kitchen counters.