Torx Screwdriver

A torx screwdriver is a very commonly used tool. Most people haven’t heard of them because they are used mainly in smaller electronics like computers and phones. Some of the time a torx screwdriver may be used in a vehicle. A torx screwdriver has a 6 point star shaped pattern.

Objects that use torx screws have a few advantages over a normal screw. A torx screwdriver has one main huge advantage over the competition. As its name implies it allows the user to torque the screw more than it would normally be possible.

Because of the unique design the head is less likely to strip, ruining the screwdriver. Also the design keeps the items that are receiving the screw more safe. They are less likely to be damaged from the force applied. Also, the screwdriver itself is said to last up to ten times as long since it’s so difficult to damage the head via stripping it.

Why aren’t all Screwdrivers and Screws Switched to the Torx Screwdriver Style?

That is a good question. The torx screwdriver is a wonderful design. Most manufactures that use them know that most people don’t have torx screwdrivers lying around the house. This keeps people from potentially damaging the product.