Training Climbing Vines: Mistakes to Avoid

Climbing vines can be used to provide shade, cover items and soften outlines. There are a couple of precautions you should take when training your vines.

Ensure the Support is Adequate

A vine can be surprisingly heavy, so make sure that the support you direct it to is strong enough to uphold it. Don’t connect a vine to a wall that is not stable or which has poor masonry joints.

Don’t Lose your Light

Directing a vine across the roof of a patio, for example, could provide the sort of effect that you wanted, but you have to ensure the vine doesn’t cut out too much of the natural light.

Provide a Surface it Can Latch on To

Not all vines can grow up walls or hang onto a wire across a frame. Make sure the vine will be able to support itself as it grows.

Provide Enough Anchor Points

For a vine to be secure it must be supported as well as possible on as wide a base as possible. It will spread the load on a wall so that there is little danger of the weight of the vine pulling it over.