Trampoline Covers: Necessary or Not?

If  you own an outdoor trampoline, you will want to protect it from extreme weather by covering it with one of the many quality trampoline covers available today. Climate conditions, whether extreme or mild, will leave their mark on anything that is exposed. The sun especially, through the force of its UV rays, will deteriorate most objects, and your trampoline and its fixtures are no exception. Therefore a good trampoline cover is necessary to extend its life and make it safer. This is even more so if the trampoline is never taken down and is always exposed to all sorts of climatic situations.

Advantages of Covering

Apart from protecting the trampoline from the sun’s harmful rays, a trampoline cover will keep your trampoline clean from any dust and debris, like leaves and bird droppings. It will also ensure that the trampoline jump surface is always dry and saves you the hassle of drying it up before use. This covering up protection has to include any accessories like pads, safety nets, ladder and enclosure.

The use of a cover will also prevent children from using the trampoline when unsupervised.

What Kind of Cover?

A cover has to protect the trampoline not only from the sun’s rays but also from moisture of rain and dew; covers are made from weather resistant material, but PVC coated polyester which is also used to protect boats, is the best on the market.

Apart from covering, another important aspect of a good cover is its draining facility. Standing water is anathema to any kind of material, so a good cover is one that can drain water easily through the trampoline mat area. You can try placing something under the cover to create a tent like effect which will facilitate draining. If the area in which you live get abundant snow falls, this has to be removed as the snow’s heavy weight can damage the trampoline and its springs. In extreme weather conditions it might be a good idea to take your trampoline down and store it till the weather improves.


It is best to buy the trampoline cover when you buy the trampoline itself so you won’t have the hassle of taking the measurements yourself later on. As stated above, a cover has to include coverage for all accessories. Consult the leaflet that comes with the trampoline for accurate measurement of width, height and circumference; if you have to do it yourself make sure you are accurate, better still consult at the shop where you bought the trampoline. The trampoline measurements are important to ensure good coverage.

Trampoline covers come in all shapes and sizes. Good ones tend to be a bit on the expensive side but they are worth it as in the long run you don’t want to be saddled with a cover that does not come up to the expectations that it is supposed to provide. A good trampoline is rather on the expensive side although prices have started to go down due to the popularity this type of sport has gained. Giving it good protection is very necessary to preserve both your monetary investment and your hours of fun and exercise.