Transform Your Guest Room Into a Western Escape!

If you live in Colorado, rooms with Western themes may not be at all uncommon. Whether you're in the wild west or the heart of New England, you can transform any guest room into a western escape with these tips. 


You won't find every color of the rainbow in the wild west. Take your color inspiration from the dusty desert, the spotted cows, and the occasional green cactus. Keep your walls neutral and give them a weathered treatment by sponging on a darker shade. Bed linens and other fabrics should keep within the theme--light and dark shades of brown, tan and black will be the most conducive to the room's theme. Try using punches of white, cream, turquoise or green in very small doses because they are found only sparingly in the deserts of the west. 


Cover your bed in something that looks as if it came straight from the cattle ranch. A bedspread with a cow print, or any pattern that represents the west (boots and spurs, cows or even cacti), should tie your colors together and become the room's focal point. If you have a plain bedspread, curtain or pillow in one of your room's colors, try sewing on appliques or stamping it with one of these western-themed designs. Fabrics should remain neutral. Color in the dusty west comes in splashes, so it will be best to incorporate brighter colors elsewhere. 


Wooden furniture will be absolutely essential to your western guest escape. Rough, unfinished woods such as pine make a sturdy, high-impact bed frame. Attach wagon wheels to the bed if you are daring enough. To give the room some cohesion, make sure that different pieces of furniture match each other. If your bed looks as if it was cut right from the tree in your backyard, the dresser should look the same. Be careful about using unfinished wood, because it can have sharp edges and give you splinters. Furniture stores sell rough-looking, pine furniture with a protective coating, which will give you the same effect.

Special Touches

For an accent color, consider using cactus green or turquoise, both colors found in nature in the west. Turquoise, especially, can add interesting contrast and a fun punch of color when used in lamps, picture frames or even small pillows. Green will look more natural when blended with your neutral walls and bedding, and green can be used in larger areas than turquoise because it is more subtle. Try adding turquoise or green beads to accent pillows or lampshades, or incorporate the colors by finding fabrics that use the colors alongside your neutral pallet. 

Bringing it all Together

When your walls are painted the perfect neutral, your cow print bedspread is in place, and the finishing touches are added, look for additional creative ways to add that western feel. Add splashes of your accent color where color is needed. Place an old, roughed-up trunk at the foot of the bed or even hang a trophy deer head on the wall. Consider how any modern touches that have crept into the room can be made into weathered pieces depicting our country's wild, wild west.