Transplant a Winterberry Bush

A winterberry holly bush is not your typical Christmas holly. It is a wetland shrub that actually loses all of its leaves during the winter months. This makes the winterberry holly bush even more beautiful as it has the chance to show off its great berry color in the winter. Transplanting a winterberry bush is done with a few simple steps.

Dig around Bush Carefully

With a spade shovel, dig around the bush very carefully not to break too many branches or roots. Leave the root ball intact and dig under the roots.

Lift Out and Keep Moist

Ease the winterberry out of the hole and place in some wet cloth, burlap, or other material. Place in a wheelbarrow for transporting to new area.

Prepare Hole for Winterberry Bush

Dig a new hole in rich soil that is a little larger than the root ball. Keep it more conical than round. Water the soil and place a small layer of organic compost on the bottom.

Plant Winterberry

To finish off the transplanting project, take off the cloth from the winterberry roots and slide into the hole. Fill in with new soil and pack in lightly. Water around the bush to keep the ground moist.