Travertine Bathroom Countertops: Pros and Cons

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Travertine is popular for bathroom countertops. Here are the pros and cons of travertine bathroom countertops.


Travertine is a material that can come in a variety of different colors. You should be able to match any color scheme and style that you need for your home decor needs. When you look at travertine, you will immediately notice that the pieces are unique, which creates an interesting and unique look to be enjoyed by many.


A disadvantage of travertine for bathroom countertops is that it is subject to etching. Etching is a phenomenon that can occur when any acidic substance touches the tile. If you accidentally spill anything acidic on the counter, you could be left with a stain.

Travertine is one of the most porous natural stones for countertops. You must thoroughly seal the travertine in order to prevent is from absorbing liquid; otherwise, it could soak up anything that spills. That can also lead to problems when cleaning the surface.