Travertine Tile vs Marble Tile Backsplash

When picking a backsplash material for your kitchen, you will have to choose between marble tile backsplash and travertine. The different advantages and disadvantages they have will help you to decide.


Travertine comes in a variety of colors. This makes it easy to match to any existing color scheme you have, or easy to build your own look for your kitchen around as well. Additionally, travertine stone has naturally forming veins that are quite distinct in their appearance, making travertine tiles recognizable and interesting to look at. For this reason, decorative backsplash made from travertine can be a great idea.

Marble tiles are very recognizable as a classic building material, and it has achieved its popular status partly because of its beauty. Of course, there are practical reasons that marble is popular as well.


Travertine is difficult to scratch or wear away. However, if it is not sealed, it will be stained due to its porous nature, and possibly etched by acidic materials. Because of this, protecting and maintaining travertine can be some work.

Marble tiles will almost never wear away, as marble is an extremely durable material. However, it can become dull, especially if it is constantly stained. While marble tile backsplash will probably receive less abuse than marble tile in other locations, this is still a concern.