Treated Wood - A Choice That Lasts

Before building your next outdoor project, you may want to add to your knowledge of the best construction materials. For example, did you know that not all wood is equally strong or durable?

One of the more durable woods, Southern Pine, has long been a preferred building material. And as a renewable resource, it's an environmentally responsible choice.

Southern Pine easily accepts preservatives, too, that stay permanently bonded deep within the wood fibers. Pressure treatments protect Southern Pine from insects and decay. When using properly treated Southern Pine products, you can be sure that they will last for many years. Consumers also like Southern Pine because of its visual appeal. Imagine a treated wood deck or gazebo that enhances the natural beauty of your backyard. These kinds of amenities can be inviting to family and friends as well, and usually raise the overall value of your home.

Treated Southern Pine is used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from decks and patios to outdoor play structures to whole-house framing.

If you plan to purchase Southern Pine any time soon, you may begin to notice more choices of treated products on the market. A new generation of wood preservatives with names like ACQ and Copper Azole are becoming more readily available. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved these products for safe use around people, plants, and animals. Look for the label on each piece, specifying approved applications.

As with any building material, be sure to follow basic safety requirements when working with treated Southern Pine. Always wear eye protection and a dust mask when sawing or working with Southern Pine. Do not burn treated wood. Dispose of any scraps through regular trash disposal.

When using pressure-treated wood, you can be sure that your investment will last for decades.

Courtesy of NAPSnet.