Treating an Infected Fig Tree

Having an infected fig tree is not an uncommon occurrence. Treating the tree is not always easy, and if the infection has gone too far, it's almost always impossible to cure. Nematodes like to invade the fig tree root and will make a home there if they can find one. Fig rust and root mosaic are also common diseases known to the fig tree.

Is There a Treatment?

Fig rust is the only one of the three that has treatment available. Fig rust can be treated with a copper spray each season until the tree improves. You might see a loss in harvesting when the rust is present.

Avoidance Is Key

The root nematodes and the fig mosaic are more of an avoidance treatment than anything else. Before you choose the wood for propagation, make sure that the fig piece is free from the fig mosaic. It will pass from tree to tree until you stop spreading the infected wood. Root nematodes are a worm that will take hold inside of a fig trees root. They will sap up all of the nutrients for themselves and eventually starve the tree. Check for nematodes when purchasing your tree, or you won't be able to get rid of them.

By being aware of what to look for when you propagate or purchase a fig tree, you can avoid some of the major fig tree infections.