Treating Brown Patches in Bermuda Grass

If you have a lawn of bermuda grass you may already know that it is susceptible to brown spotting. Brown spots are very common and are caused by fungus. The fungus lives in the soil. It is best to protect the grass from this fungus with a bit of care and knowledge.

Step 1: Water Properly

Improper watering can aid in the growth. The best time to water bermuda grass is early in the morning or late evening, The rule of thumb is to water between 10 pm and 10 am. When you water, do not exceed 5 inches. You can use a regular rain gauge to measure this.

Step 2: Fertilize Properly

Over fertilizing bermuda grass, or fertilizing at the wrong time, will encourage the growth of brown spots. The best temperatures to fertilize are below 80 degrees consistently. To be safe, fertilize in the Spring, and again in late Fall, to avoid this problem. Be careful about the amount of nitrogen you use in the fertilizer.