Treating Dogwood Tree Pests

White flowers of the dogwood tree
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

The dogwood tree is an amazing and beautiful, flowering tree. Unfortunately, there are a couple pests you should be aware of if you have a dogwood tree. This guide will show you the best methods of dealing with these unwelcome pests so your dogwood tree can return to its normal health and beauty.

1. Scale insects

Scale insects, as their names suggest, look like little fish scales. These ugly pests suck the sap out of your dogwood tree, possibly causing death. To get rid of them take a sponge dipped in insecticidal soap and gently rub your tree down. The insects can be hard to spot so it’s best to rub as much of the tree's surface as possible. Releasing ladybugs into your garden is another great way of dealing with scale insects.

2. Dogwood Borer

large dogwood tree

The dogwood borer bores into your dogwood in its larval and caterpillar stages, causing severe damage to your tree and eventually killing it if not treated. The best solution for dogwood borers is to catch them early and prune away any infected branches before burning them to ensure you destroy the pests. Spraying the tree with insecticide in June, before the borer lays its eggs, will prevent any further infestation.