Tree Trunk Removal Guide

What You'll Need

There are various methods for tree trunk removal. While cutting down a tree is not particularly complicated, it should be done with care. Tree stumps also need to be removed, as they can be a bane to surrounding plant life. The tools and materials needed depend on the option that you decide to go with, and you will likely need to call a contractor to carry out the actual stump removal for you.

Step 1-Preparing the Trunk for Removal

If you are planning on completely removing the tree, you need to start by cutting off the branches. Start by removing the lowest branches of the tree, working your way up until there are no branches left. Remove the top of the tree using the saw. Cut the trunk as short as possible since this will minimize the risk involved when it falls. While a longer trunk does provide more leverage, it is also big enough to do a lot more damage if anything goes wrong.

Step 2-Excavating Around the Trunk

The next step is to reveal the roots of the tree. To do this, you will need to excavate a trench around the bottom of the tree. Use a shovel and a pick to achieve this. Try to expose as much of the roots as possible, and then clean away any excess soil and dirt before continuing. You can then cut the roots around the tree using an axe. Try to cut every root. If you do this, you may find that the tree will move a little when you push it. Pushing the tree may also reveal more roots as it starts to pull them up from the ground. If any more roots are revealed, cut them off as well.

Step 3-Cutting Down the Trunk

To take down the tree, there are various methods. If you did not cut away the roots in the previous step, you can cut the tree down by making a groove in the edge of the tree in the opposite direction that you want it to fall. If this is cut large enough, the trunk should eventually topple over. However, the easiest and safest way is to pull the tree down, assuming you detached the roots as described in the previous step. This method requires you to wrap a heavy chain around the tree and pull it away using a powerful four-wheel drive car or a tractor. This should be done with patience, reversing and going forward again to gradually tug away and break any remaining roots.

Step 4-Getting Rid of the Stump

Since you can’t simply pull down larger trees, cutting them down is the only way, thus leaving behind a stump. Removing the stump is the hard part, and for this, you may need to contact a tree surgeon. A stump grinder is a piece of hardware usually used to get rid of leftover tree stumps. The stump can also be burned away, or you can use special chemicals which will eventually destroy the stump. Digging it up is not practical with larger trees.