Trending Now: The Interior Sliding Barn Door

A white sliding barn door in a modern house.
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Have you seen the hottest trend in interior door fashion? They’re called wall-mounted sliding doors, sometimes referred to as “barn doors,” and used in place of conventional swinging doors to help homeowners achieve a distinctive look and greater accessibility.

The Convenience

Today’s wall-mounted sliding door hardware offers the easy-to-install and inexpensive cure for interior space issues by enabling homeowners to reclaim up to 14-square-feet of floor space, typically occupied by conventional in-swing doors. After all, one thing most people have in common is the need for more space in their homes. This is especially true for occupants who must constantly open and close doors in their “we-could-use-a-few-more-feet-in-here bedroom,” “close-the-door-just-to-wash-my-hands bathroom,” or “no-room-for-a-clothes-hamper laundry room.”

The Style

Many of today’s popular interior barn door installations feature oversized doors mounted to slide open and close along the wall, and are often complete with crossbuck detailing or heavy metal ornamentation. These room entries hold more interest than the routine of the typical white swinging door. One reason is they are often taller, wider, or thicker than typical production swing doors.

Inspiration can be drawn from the magnificence of a Spanish castle, the hearty charm of a centuries-old farmhouse, or the beautiful crispness of long, contemporary lines. Possibilities are limitless with doors that can be up to 5 feet wide and 9 feet tall.

To accommodate this trend, much of today’s modern sliding door hardware has been designed to carry larger and heavier doors. Non-swing door configurations are being used to create standout entrances for master bedrooms, master baths, wine cellars, dining rooms, and more. In other applications, larger wall-mount doors can also stylishly hide the modern convenience of closet-configured office areas and space-saving Murphy beds.

In addition, wall-mounted sliding doors expand the possibilities for interior furnishings and decor, maximizing space and enabling greater freedom in the placement of wall art, furniture, or any other décor.

The Hardware

The backbone of today’s heavy-duty specialty door frames and hardware, which have the strength to support doors up to 400 lbs, are advances such as I-beam track made of commercial-grade heavy-duty aluminum and commercial grade, multi-wheel ball-bearing hangers that glide along the track to provide seamless, smooth operation.

No matter your choice — from reclaimed wood and glass/steel combinations to oak or Brazilian cherry wood — today’s wall-mounted sliding door hardware lets you go beyond standard capacities to design interiors with a bold signature look.

As you can see, an interior sliding barn door is the perfect addition to any doorway. It will add some lovely rustic charm.