Hottest Trends In Bathrooms

If you get up in the morning and wash your face in a pink faux marble sink shaped like a sea shell, chances are your bathroom is a bit old and outdated. No longer do we see almond colored fixtures in a bathroom or garish finishes like we used to. The trend today is towards white fixtures that are sleek and shiny, and reflect good taste. The beauty of this is that you can decorate around this color to your advantage. In this article we will discuss the current hot trends in bathrooms - what's available, and prices as found.

Glass Is In

Glass is a hot trend in more upscale bathrooms. Glass tiles are hot, as are seamless glass enclosures for a tub. Eliminating the framework on a shower stall adds more depth and size to a room from a visual point of view. Expect to pay between $275 and $650 for one of these. Glass sinks in different designs are also in vogue. Prices range from about $550 to $675 for a glass sink.

Styles Of Tiles

Mosaic, resin, metal and stone tiles are a new trend today. Stone tiles are really not good for a bathroom due to their porosity, but work well as accents in large areas. Because of the availability of so many patterns and colors, they go well in the 21st century bathroom. They cost around $9.50 per square foot, depending on your location. In New York City, a lot of people use old subway tiles for their bathrooms and these are still in vogue. The tiles are generally restored and given different finishes and edges.


Full length mirrors are all the rage these days. Mirrored tiles are also used throughout the bathroom. The beauty of mirrors is they add both light and space to an otherwise small bathroom. Used wisely, they can really make a difference. Expect to pay around $9.50 per square foot for these tiles.

Showers And Whirlpool Tubs

Whirlpool tubs have been around for about 20 years, and are still fashionable in the bathroom. Today, we see air jet whirlpool tubs, with air jets that stream the water from different directions, giving you a full body massage. Showers, too, are not just the plain old box in the corner. Rain fall shower heads that stimulate standing in the rain and are mounted above your head, gives you a great shower. They run from $130 to $190, depending on your preference in finish. Showers have gone hi-tech, with body jet sprays located at different angles for a relaxing shower. These items are costly. Expect to pay about $128 apiece for these jet sprays and about $180 for a multi-port diverter. We see waterfall shower heads now in showers which give you a great showering experience. Expect to pay between $160 to $242 for one of these heads.

Big Bathrooms Are Hot

One of the latest trends is to increase the size of the bathroom to such a size that it is sometimes as big as a living room. People will actually sacrifice a spare bedroom or closet to do this. The idea here is to have a spa sized tub in the bathroom for a warm, comforting place to relax. No longer is a bathroom used for simple hygiene - it is being used as a place to rest and relax. Trends are towards a whirlpool bath, a stand up shower with jets, a bidet, a double sink, cabinetry for storage, accessories, towel warmers, and other luxury items. You will pay a good deal for these amenities.

The Toilet

A new trend seen today is a corner toilet, giving more space to the room. They are designed to fit into a corner instead of in an open space, thus opening up the room.

An All-Out, Upscale Bathroom

With all of these things in mind, the latest trend seen today is a tub that sits in the center of the room. No longer are they placed on along a wall, but is instead the focal point of the bathroom. This project would be expensive, because you will need to move the plumbing, and possible reinforce floor joist to bear the weight. Remember, water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, and a full tub, plus the weight of two people, can really put a strain on your infrastructure.

The all out bathroom would include radiant heat floors, making it a real treat to get out of the shower on a cold morning and step on a nice, warm floor. We also see towel warmers, which further enhances the showering experience.

All of these items are luxury items, and would make a bathroom a grand place. If money is no object in your next remodel, consider some of these suggestions.