Trim a Window Seat Bench with Recycled Molding

Lead Image for Trim a Window Seat Bench with Recycled Molding

Adding recycled molding to your window seat bench will add depth and charm to both the window seat bench and to your entire room.

Make a Detailed Sketch of Your Window Seat Bench, Including All Dimensions

Measure the width of the window, the length from the bottom of the window to the floor, and the depth of the window seat itself.

Build Your Window Seat Bench

Locate the exact half-way mark of the birch plywood, and draw a straight line down, using your carpenter's square and pencil. Make another mark precisely ½” from the outside edge of the plywood and use the level to mark the angle. Slice off a 90 degree angle and measure out one foot around the entire piece of plywood to ensure that you will have enough seating space.

Remove the Molding from the Existing Window

Keep in mind that you will reuse this molding for trimming the window seat bench, so take extra care when removing it. Use a hammer and chisel to gently separate the molding from under the window.

Cut Your Wood

Place two 2x4s under your plywood before cutting, to support the wood while sawing. Cut the plywood using your circular saw. Use the jigsaw for the corners when you are cutting out the angles. Cut the 2x4s to create a ledge that will run in an octagonal shape and support the weight from the top of your window seat bench. Your plywood will sit on top of the ledge. Once you have completed cutting the wood, measure and mark a level line to show exactly where the bench will sit against the wall.

Assemble Your Window Seat Bench

Locate the wall studs using your stud finder, and attach the 2x4 to the wall by screwing it into the studs from the center. Cut the plywood and create a panel for the front and top of the window seat bench. Use your circular saw on an angle. Screw the front of the window seat bench in place. When you are finished, screw the top of the bench into place.

Trim the Window Seat Bench with Your Recycled and Shoe Molding

Measure your old base molding to fit the front bottom of the window seat bench and then cut it. After priming the bench, glue and nail shoe molding to the top of your window seat bench. Attach a lip onto the molding when attaching it to the bench if you plan to add a cushion so that the cushion does not slide forward onto the bench. When the lip is flush to the molding, glue and nail the molding into place.