Triple Pane Windows

Lead Image for Triple Pane Windows

Windows are essential for allowing light into your home, however, they also allow lots of heat to escape, installing triple-pane windows might be the answer to this problem. Most homes have double-glazed windows, and triple glazing is becoming slightly more popular every year.

We are told that triple glazing has a number of advantages over double pane windows, but is this really the case? Triple pane windows are supposed to reduce noise and also improve insulation.

Triple or Double Pane Windows

In the past, all windows were made out of a single pane of glass. This glass was normally very thin and had minimal thermal insulation. Then double glazing created the idea of using 2 pieces of gas with an inert gas between. This structure will prevent heat from escaping from your room by providing better insulation. Triple glazed windows will make your home much more energy-efficient. Double pane windows are fairly inexpensive and offer lots of benefits over the single pane variety. Triple pane varieties are more expensive, but do they really offer enough benefits to counter the increased costs?

Choosing Triple Pane Windows

Triple pane windows are very effective, but they are much heavier and also a lot more expensive than a conventional double glazed unit. The technology behind triple glazed glass units is still quite new, combined with the fact that they are not very common means that the prices are more expensive than you might expect.


Triple glazing is extremely efficient at insulating your house. Whether or not you want to use triple pane windows will depend mainly on your climate. If you have a very harsh cold winter then you will want to consider triple glazing as an alternative.

UV Coatings

There are also a number of different triple-pane glass windows that have a special UV coating that will prevent as much sunlight from radiating into your house. UV coatings can be applied to both double and triple-glazed windows. UV coatings will provide lots of insulation to your home. This UV coating will prevent heat from entering your home. You might want to consider using double pane UV coated windows rather than using triple pane windows as they offer the same benefits for a lower cost.

What is the "R" Factor?

The R factor is a figure given to the insulation properties of various substances including triple and double glazed windows. The R-value is simply a measure of the thermal resistance. A single pane glass window has an R-value of 1 per inch, a double pane glass window has an R-value of 2 per inch, and a 3 pane glass window has an R-value of 3 which is the same as a double pane window with UV coatings applied.