Triple Track Storm Window Repair Tips

If you find yourself looking at the various windows that you have mounted through your home, you may not be aware of the fact that when it comes time to repair these windows, there is a difference between window repair and storm window repair. Regardless of what task you are trying to accomplish, there are always ways to help you prolong the time before the repairs become necessary. By doing simple maintenance and using the following tips, you will find that you save yourself a lot of work.

Storm Windows

Before you can begin repairing these windows, it is important to understand the difference between regular windows and storm windows. Storm windows are actually panels of glass which are installed either inside or outside the main frame of your current windows. These are used to help the strength and stability of the windows which are already in existence. They are also helpful when it comes to regulating your heat and maintaining a constant heat within your home. Storm windows can be installed after the fact. So you can always add them on if you find them necessary. Typically they are made of glass or hard plastic.

Triple Tracks

Triple track windows refer to the storm windows that have both a window and a screen in a single unit. Triple track windows are permanently installed in place. The beauty of these types of windows is that they can easily be opened and have the screens in place to prevent bugs from being an issue. When you are looking at your wallet, you are going to see that Triple Track Windows are about ten to fifteen percent cheaper than installing permanent new windows. These types of windows can actually be installed both inside the house and outside of the house depending on the window structure.


There are a number of advantages that you will find when it comes to going with triple track storm windows. The first is that you are going to have greatly improved draft protection. Old homes tend to suffer from being cold and drafty. By installing the windows, you are going to provide better insulation into the home, and further protection from the weather. Secondly the quality of the windows is better than that of other windows. Triple track storm windows are made of two panes of glass (the outer and the middle) and then the third pane which is the screen. The outer window takes the brunt of the weather which protects the inner windows and the screen. As well, these will continue to help seal in heat. Of course the best aspect of these windows is the energy savings that you are going to experience. This also stems from the added insulation. Since more heat is going to be held within the home, there is less work for your heater to heat the home.

Tip 1 - Misalignments

Ninety percent of the time, the problems and damages that you encounter are easily avoidable. When you are dealing with misalignment issues, these are very easy to fix. typically a misalignment is going to occur when the window is not installed correctly. You need to inspect the area around the seals to insure that the window is securley in place. Check to be sure that you have a tightly caulked seal around the frame. If you have water leaking into the window, you are going to have rust and then your windows are not going to slide easily upon the tracks. The second thing dealing with alignment is that you need to be sure that the tracks are kept clean at all times. If you don't clean them you are going to cause weak points within the tracks that could warp and bend, thus causing further misalignment issues.

Tip 2 - Repairing Broken Storm Windows

It is important to remember that since the storm windows can be added after your regular windows are installed, you can easily fix them if they begin to crack or break. You can simply go out and buy new pieces, which should be bought at the 1/16 of an inch range. This will allow the window to expand and contract accordingly with the heat and the cold of the weather. Make sure that the new window is cut properly. If not, the windows will expand and cause further cracking and it could eventually damage the main window itself.

Tip 3 - Maintain the Window's Age

If you find that you have to deal with an excess of condensation on the windows, you will find that the life of the windows is going to dwindle very quickly. To ensure that you do not have to replace your windows simply because of this one problem, you need to make sure that you are keeping the vent holes clean. At the bottom of the storm windows you will find the holes which allow a free flow of air. If these become filled with dirt and debris, this will cause the condensation to collect.

Tip 4 - Watch Your Paint Jobs

When you have the storm windows installed, you may find that you want to paint the them in order to make them more appealing to the eye. It is important to use a paint that is made to stick to the metal of the frame. If not, your paint is going to dry and then start peeling away, thus ruining the paint job itself, and wasting your time. As well, be sure to clean the tracks of the windows. There is no reason for you to paint in the tracks. The paint will only dry and make it more difficult to open and close.