Troubleshooting a Dry Toilet Bowl

A toilet bowl is the most used plumbing fixture in any home, business or leisure establishment. It is no surprise that flushing toilet bowls rates in the millions per minute. However, sometimes after one has done so, the toilet bowl remains dry. Let us look at some reasons for this.

The Pipe

Check your siphon pipe. This pipe connects your water reserve tank to your toilet/flush tank. It could be partially or fully blocked, preventing the water from flowing out of the toilet tank to fill your toilet bowl to the appropriate level.

The Flapper

As the name suggests, this is a flap located at the base of the flush tank. It is responsible for controlling the flow of water into your bowl from the flush tank. Located above a valve seat, it may wear out and need replacement. If this is not the case, check whether it has stuck itself on the valve seat. Tug at it and then try flushing again.

The Chain

Literally, this chain connects your flapper to your flush handle. It may have disengaged from the flapper. Check to see whether it is secure.

Fill Tube

If the bowl is completely dry there may be a crack in the pipe, and instead of draining into the toilet bowl, the water may be diverting to the sewage pipe. The toilet will need replacement in this instance. If there is some water in the bowl, then inspect the fill tube for damage.