Troubleshooting a Faulty Oil-Fired Boiler

Troubleshooting a faulty oil fired boiler is a simple task. The most common faults in the oil-fired boilers and their troubleshooting are given below.

Fault 1: Heat Doesn't Come on Even When Thermostat is Raised

If the heat does not come on even when thermostat is raised, then the oil quantity in the burner has to be checked. If everything is fine, check for any corrosion in the tank gauge and get it replaced by a service technician.

Fault 2: The Oil Burner Continues to Turn Off and On

The oil burner continues to turn off and on due to insufficient fuel in the tank gauge. If the required amount of oil is present, then the problem might be because of the burner filter or nozzle. The problem may occur when there is a block in them. To find the actual problem it is better to consult an authorized technician. 

Fault 3: Color change in the Boiler's Flame 

If there is a color change in the flame, usually it changes from blue to orange. Then it means that excess oxygen content is present in the burner and requires adjustment. This happens if the air mixture needs adjustment or the electrodes have corroded. This adjustment must be done by an experienced technician.

Fault 4: The Burner Trips when the Reset Button is Pushed

Check whether the oil burner trips when the reset button is pushed. If it trips, then allow the burner to remain unused for about 40 minutes and then try hitting the reset button again. It happens because the safety controls have been locked. This is the latest feature in the newer models of the burner that requires an unique code to unlock the controls. Before you can proceed to restart the boiler, a boiler technician has to be contacted first.