Troubleshooting a Garage Door Opener Keypad

Someone opening up a garage door with an automatic opener.

Your garage door opener keypad works by using a device that is similar to the one you use to turn your television on. Like most types of remote control operated appliances, you will experience problems with your door opener from time to time. In most cases, the problem may stem from the keypad of the remote control.

Troubleshooting keypad problems is quite easy and you can easily solve minor problems of this nature in just a few minutes. To help you troubleshoot your door opener keypad, here are some tips for you.

Fix the Frayed Wires

There is a big possibility that only one or two of the buttons on the keypad are problematic so you need to find these keys to solve the problem. The best way to find the problematic keys is to test the keys one by one. To do this, open the box of the remote control and look for frayed wirings between the keys. Loose contact between the wires and the keys is one of the most common reasons why your keypad malfunctions.

Once you find the frayed wires, detach these wires completely then reattach them to the keypad. Make sure that the wires are securely attached to the keys before you close the remote control box.

Keys Stuck on the Pad

If the keys on your remote control get stuck to the pads when you press them, you may be facing dirt, dust, and grime problems. To solve the problem of sticky keys, clean the remote control inside and outside. To do this, put a few drops of appliance cleaner on a piece of rag then use the rag to wipe away dirt and grime from the outside surface of the remote control. When cleaning the surface of the keypad, make sure that you clean the spaces in between the keys.

To clean the inside of the remote control, open the remote control box and use a soft brush to remove the dust. If the keypad is detachable or can be removed completely from the remote control, remove the keypad and clean it thoroughly. Be sure to return the keys in their proper position after cleaning.

PIN Problem

If you have problems with your personal identification number (PIN), do not keep on pressing the keypad of your remote control in the hope of making the door opener work. Pressing the wrong PIN several times may cause your system to malfunction completely so instead of doggedly pressing the keypad, press the “learn” button on the motor then enter your four-digit unlocking code.

The unlocking code usually comes with the instruction manual of the unit. When the motor light blinks, press the release button on the motor to reset the PIN.

Reboot the Whole System

To eliminate persistent problems on your keypad, try rebooting the whole system. To do this, simply turn off the system and unplug it for five minutes. Rebooting the system should clear the memory of the remote control system and help you get rid of persistent problems on your keypad.

No more wasting gas sitting in the driveway getting more frustrated. These tips for troubleshooting your garage door opener keypad should solve your problems.