Troubleshooting a Leaking Lawn Sprinkler System

A malfunctioning lawn sprinkler system doesn't usually take a lot of know-how to fix. Most of the problems related to lawn sprinklers are common and come up regularly. To repair a problem, it is customary to first identify the problem. Once the problem is figured out it should be isolated and dealt with accordingly. A lawn sprinkler isn't a very complex system of components, but troubleshooting an irrigation system requires an understanding of how all the components of the system work and how they affect each other. Without this basic understanding, it can be difficult to know the problem or the cause of leakage. Follow the tips below to determine the cause of your leaky sprinklers and take steps to fix it.

Problem 1: Broken Main Line

Water should be turned off at the back-flow. If the back-flow cannot be marked, water can also be turned off from the mains in the basement. If the valve has an eco-system tag, mark broken main line and replace the main line with proper guidance from a manual.

Problem 2: Zone Stays On

Turn the controller dial towards 'Rain Off'. In case this doesn't work, unplug the controller. If the Zone hasn't been turned off, switch off water at back-flow or the basement.

Problem 3: System Refuses to Switch On

After by-passing the rain sensor, try manually operating a station. If it works, it means the sensor had been activated due to a recent rainfall. Check to ensure the water hasn't been turned off. Check the filters for any blockages, and clean if necessary.

Problem 4: Non-Functional Controller

Check the mains for any GFI or circuit breaker which might have tripped.

Problem 5: Controller Shuts on its Own

Unplug the 9 volt battery after unplugging the controller. Connect the power again and see if the display works.

Problem 6: Clogged Sprinkle Nozzle

Dirt particles stuck in the sprinkler nozzle can create problems with sprinkler spray patterns. Get the nozzle serviced and make sure that it is thoroughly clean before putting it back.

Problem 7: Dry Patches

Manually turn on the zone. Check for leaks, clogged sprinkler nozzle and head rotation.

Problem 8: Water Pressure

Clean the sediment filter located next to the back-flow. Turn the water off and disassemble the filter body. Clean thoroughly and put it back.

Problem 9: Lights Do not Turn On

Check if the toggle switch is on. Shifting the switch to On position will bypass any control module and manually keep the lights on.

Check the mains for circuit breakers or GFI outlet trips. After a problem has been marked, it can be easily identified and repaired.

Troubleshooting a lawn sprinkler system can be done only with a basic knowledge about the sprinkler system. If you are not familiar with the components of your system or are having trouble identifying certain parts, it is better to seek professional help.