Troubleshooting a Motorcycle Cruise Control System

If you have a problem with your motorcycle cruise control, then getting it fixed is important. You may choose to take your motorcycle to a garage, but this could involve considerable expense, and might put your motorcycle out of action for a while. Another alternative is to try and resolve the problem. There are guides to doing this available in owner's manuals, with specific troubleshooting tips for each make of motorcycle, but you could also try some general troubleshooting tips, which may help you to resolve your problem quickly.

Check for Dirt

The biggest problem affecting motorcycle cruise control systems is dirt. Dirt gets into the electrical connections on your motorbike, interfering with messages between your gears and the cruise control. The quickest way to check if this is the problem is to remove all of the electrical connections and clean them thoroughly, using a cloth. Clean all of the circuits involved in the cruise control system, removing any dirt or grease. Make sure that you clean the control switch plug, the fuse, the speed sensor or your speedometer, the brake light switch, the negative ground, the tachometer and your clutch switch. Give these a good wipe down, with an electrical cleanser.

Problems with Cruise Engage

If your motorcycle cruise control won't engage at all, then you need to start by performing a diagnostic test. If this test offers you no answers, proceed to checking your brake light, including the wires, and the control switch. You should then check the wiring from the cruise control, to the rest of the motorcycle. Look for missing magnets on the speed sensor, and also perform a few voltage tests. You should then check the computer, and make sure that it is properly calibrated.

Cruise Control Problematic

If you find that you can turn on the cruise control, but it tends to be erratic, either by surging forward, or by losing speed as it travels, then you need to check the sensitivity of the cruise control. You should also make sure that all of the cables which go from the cruise control are thoroughly lubricated, as well as anything which travels between the throttle and the cruise control. Keep checking all of the sensors, performing vacuum tests and sensor checks, until you have resolved the problem.

Cruise Control Disengages

If the problem with your cruise control is that it disengages without your permission, then you need to resolve this quickly. Run a diagnostic test on the cruise control, and then check the brake light connections. Make sure that the bulb is working, and that the switch on the other end of the connection is also functioning. Remove the brake wire and examine it closely. This should enable you to decide if there is anything wrong with the brake. You should do the same with your clutch switch, ensuring that the wire here is in good condition, and that the switch itself is working well.