Troubleshooting a Pool Vacuum

If you own a swimming pool and are using a pool vacuum system, you need to know what possible problems may befall it to be able to address an issue when one occurs. If your swimming pool has a Hayward ground, such grounds are usually permanent and the vacuums used look like cartoon critters. These vacuums can sometimes have problems like getting stuck around ladders and walls, or being too slow, overly fast or not moving at all. Here are steps that will help you determine the problem of your pool vacuum, as well as find its solution.

Step 1: Lack of Suction

If the pool vacuum has failed to move and the vacuum head has no suction on it—yet everything appears to be well connected, the first thing to look at is the hose connection. The hose may not be attached properly to the vacuum head. If it is well connected, look at its connections at the vacuum plate and skimmer.

If all is well as far as hose connections are concerned, maybe there is air in them. If there is air in the tubes, the pool vacuum will not work properly and you will hear noise that is made by a dry pump running.

If that is not the problem either, look for cracks or leaks on the hoses, as these deter the vacuum from functioning.

Step 2: Failure to Make Forward Movement

If the vacuum can’t make forward movements the filter system of the pool must be cleaned. If the strainer basket is not found in the pool’s pump, you will need to buy a Hayward Leaf Canister, model W560. You must also clean the pool’s hair, leaf canister, as well as the lint pot and any other strainer baskets. You also need to remove the cleaner from the pool. Look on the underside and clear any blockages that may be at the cleaner throat. 

Step 3: Removing the Cleaner Throat

If movements by the cleaner are fast and erratic you need to remove its throat. It is found at the cleaner’s underside rear opening. The throat is tightened with screws, so you will need to loosen them using a screwdriver.

Step 4: Increasing the Length of the Hose

If the pool vacuum cleaner gets stuck, you will have to increase the length of the hose. The hose is usually 32 feet, but you can increase the length, as there are extra lengths available. Check at the cleaner’s bottom to see if the bumper is rotating freely; you will need to spin it to determine this. If the hose continues to get stuck in the ladder, you will have to install a ladder bumper.

Step 5: Cleaning the Screen

If the steering does not rotate freely as it should you will have to clean the screen on the rear side. To clean it, a brush is used to remove any debris inside.