Troubleshooting a Power Window Motor

Sometimes, things may go grossly wrong with your power window motor, and it can often be frustrating when you cannot figure out what is wrong with the power windows in your car. In truth, there can be many problems with the windows of your car; however, more often than not, these are rather easy to deal with.

Possible Problems

If the windows of your car are not working, there are three possible problems with it. The first problem may be that the master switch at the driver’s side has been locked which is why the windows are not moving. The second is that the switch or the wiring of the power windows may be faulty. The third is that there may be some problem with the motor. Here’s how you can troubleshoot a power window motor.

1. Turn on the ignition so that the battery is powered on. Try and operate the windows from the master switch that is located on the driver’s side. If the windows are not working, check the main fuse. There may be a problem with the wiring of the power window circuit too. However, if some of the windows are working and some are not, it is more likely that there is a problem with the motor itself.

2. You can quickly check the main circuit by raising the hood and using a test light in the wiring. If there is voltage coming out of the relay, there may be an open wire or a short wire in the switches. Check the switches and reconnect any loose wires.

3. There may be a burnt fuse in the inoperative window(s). Check for burnt fuses and look at the windows that are not operating. It is possible that the motor has gone bad or the gear teeth are broken.

4. Turn off ignition switch, check the master control lockout switch. Use a multimeter to check the continuity. You may have to replace the lockout switch if there is no continuity shown in the multimeter. If there is a problem at the lockout switch, both the rear windows will fail and stop operating.

5. Use a test light to check the voltage at the motor of the window that is inoperative. Press the power window switch during the testing process. If there is no voltage at the motor, there may be problems in the wiring that runs from the motor to the switch. Check for short, loose or open wires. Also check the fuse or the breaker for that particular circuit.

6. Check the relay of the inoperative window by first taking off the entire trim panel from the window that has turned inoperative. Usually, the circuit is equipped with a relay.

7. If nothing else works, you may have to completely detach the window from the regulator and inspect the entire regulator mechanism in the window. You may also want to check the gearbox of the motor to make sure that all the gears are working fine. If not, replace the parts which seem to be malfunctioning.