Troubleshooting a Steam Shower Door

steam shower

Choosing the right steam shower door is very important to help control the temperature of your steam shower and to prevent the steam from causing moisture damage in your home, not to mention minimizing your energy cost. If you notice that your steam shower door is leaking steam, do not call the handyman right away. Remember that professional services cost a lot of money. Most types of steam doors are easy to repair yourself. Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot your leaking steam shower door.

Sliding or Bypass Shower Door

Most people prefer sliding doors in their showers because they are both easy to maintain and space-efficient. A sliding shower door is composed of 2 to 3 sections that push aside for entry and exit. The tracks could become jammed with foreign objects, making it difficult for you to close the door properly. To keep your door working, you need to keep the tracks clean all the time. Make sure that there are no soap residues, dirt, or grime trapped between the tracks.

The rubber rollers on your door may have to be replaced from time to time. Cheap rubber rollers tend to break easily, especially when they are exposed to steam. Buy higher-end rollers so that you do not have to change them as often.

Swinging Shower Door

Swinging steam shower doors are popular in American homes because they work well in specious areas. The problems with this type of shower door usually start around its hinges. As time pass, the hinges of the swinging shower door loosen, causing the door to sag. If you notice that your swinging door hangs at an odd angle and you cannot close it properly without lifting it a bit, you should check the hinges for rust or signs of weakness. If the hinges are still in good condition, but the screws holding them to the walls are loose, tighten the screw to set the door right.

To prevent your door from sagging, avoid placing towels, clothes, and other objects on it. The weight of these objects will put pressure on the hinges and weaken them.

Troubleshooting Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass shower doors are efficient at keeping steam from escaping. They are quite durable; however, tiny obstructions and weak hinges may prevent your frameless glass door from closing properly, which allows steam to leak. To prevent that, eliminate all obstructions from the doorway and check the hinges of your door regularly.