Troubleshooting a Water Cooler Chiller

A water cooler chiller can be a useful device, especially during hot weather. It cools water through heat transfer from incoming water to a refrigerant located in the evaporator. The unwanted heat is transferred to the condenser by the refrigerant. It is then discharged into the environment through an air cooled coil. Some units use a water cooled heat exchanger to discharge the unwanted heat. Common problems that your cooler chiller may experience and solutions are given below.

Warm Water

Your water cooler may dispense water that isn’t chilled but remains at room temperature. Check the wall socket. It is possible that the cooler may not be plugged into the wall socket. A child or pet may have inadvertently loosened the power cable. The power switch may also be switched off. Make the necessary adjustments to get your cooler chiller operational. If the cooler has been heavily used recently, it is normal for the water to be warm. This is because the reservoir hasn’t had adequate time to cool the water within. Allow 15 minutes for the cooler to stabilize.

Tap Does Not Dispense Water

Check the bottle for water level. If empty, replace the bottle with a full one. An air lock may also prevent water discharge. This is caused by the air pressure directed into the cooler when a bottle of water is placed upon it. Remove the bottle and replace on the cooler as both taps are held open. Place cups at the taps to collect water that may flow through. Get a helper to facilitate this procedure. The slight movement of water in the bottle when lifted should restore water flow. Repeat a couple more times if water still doesn’t flow.

Water Collects on the Floor

The drip tray could be full. Empty the tray if full. If water continues to leak onto the floor, carefully inspect the bottle for cracks. If you detect any cracks, make arrangements to have the bottle replaced by the water company that serves you.

Water Tastes Odd

This is normal when the cooler has recently been sanitized. An odd taste in the water isn’t harmful and clears away soon. However, you may want to flush some water through the taps to clear the odd taste.

Odors from the Cooler

If you don’t sanitize your cooler chiller regularly, it could develop odors. It is best to sanitize based on the manufacture’s recommendations. It will help keep your cooler unit clean and fresh. Water left in the drip tray for too long may also develop an odor. It is a good idea to empty and clean the drip tray often to avoid such odors.

Cooler Tap Leaks

Check the tap to determine if it is tightly screwed on. If loose, make the necessary adjustments. If the tap still leaks after you tighten it, the problem may lie with the spring or washer in the tap. Remove the bottle, drain the cooler and arrange to have the faulty tap replaced.