Troubleshooting an Ice Maker Which Makes Too Much Ice

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What You'll Need
Shutoff arm
Lever switch
What You'll Need
Shutoff arm
Lever switch

When troubleshooting ice makers there are a number of different steps to take and things to check. By checking all of these, you will be able to ensure that your ice maker is working correctly. If you have an ice maker which is making too much ice then this could be for a number of different reasons. You will need to carefully diagnose the problem so that you can correct it and repair it as quickly as possible.

If an ice maker makes too much ice then it can be a waste, it can also make a mess because so much ice will be flowing out of the top of the ice maker and into your freezer. Spend time diagnosing the problem so that you can correct the fault as quickly as possible.

Type of Ice Maker

Depending on the type of ice maker you have, the directions for troubleshooting will be different. Some of the better ice makers are component-based, this means that they are made out of a variety of different individual components that can be replaced independently of one another. A component ice maker will normally have exposed gears that are clearly visible.

Other ice makers are modular and this means that they have fewer components. The components are grouped together to form larger modules. In a modular ice maker, you may have to replace the entire shut off arm. Modular units often have holes marked with letters for testing purposes.


Before carrying out any work on your freezer ice maker system, it is essential that you turn the power off. Working on your freezer while it is still connected is very dangerous, especially since you will be in contact with water at the same time. Unplug the freezer from the power outlet.

Shut off Arm

A shutoff arm is a device that is designed to prevent too much ice being made. This is a switch with a large handle that goes over the top of the ice bin. If too much ice is made this will push the arm up and stop the production of ice.

If the arm is damaged or broken then this could be a reason why too much ice is being produced. If the shutoff arm has broken or become detached then this will mean that too much ice is being made and it will never stop.

You should test the shutoff arm by manually lifting the arm all the way to the top so that it is in the locked position. Turn the freezer back on and check that no ice is being made. If ice is still being made then this is not a problem with the lever itself but it suggests a problem with the control module. Order a replacement control module and install it yourself or have a professional install it for you.

Shut off Switch

With a component-based ice maker, you will want to dismantle the entire ice maker so that you can access the individual components. Dismantle the shutoff switch and check the condition of the components. If any of the components have corroded or become damaged, then these will either need cleaning or replacing.

Check that the switch is working correctly by using a multimeter set to measure resistance. This way you can check that the switch is connecting as it should when it is pressed. If it's not, then the entire switch will need replacing.