Troubleshooting Bidet Plumbing Problems

bidet in a bathroom

Usually the main cause of bidet plumbing problems are leaks, broken gaskets, and dirty filters. However, this type of unit is still a trend when it comes to modern bathroom plumbing fixtures. Hence, here are some common bidet plumbing problems and how to troubleshoot and repair them using some common household tools.

Step 1 - Turn off the Water

Before trying to fix any kind of problem with your bidet, it is always recommended to first shut off the water supply from the water valve located at the back of the bidet by turning it clockwise. Otherwise, if your bidet does not have a shut off valve, turn off the water supply from the main valve. This will prevent any water waste when trying to fix a plumbing problem in your bidet.

Step 2 - Water Leaking from the Handle

The first problem is when water leaks out from the bidet flushing handle. This means that there is probably an overflow of water in the bidet’s tank. You can solve this problem by simply removing some of the water in the tank by using a cup or a small bowl. Otherwise, if the problem continues to develop, you would probably have a damaged valve, which is the floating part in the tank, that needs to be replaced.

Step 3 - Tank Water Leaking in the Bowl

blue food coloring in toilet tank

Secondly, water can also start leaking from the tank into the bidet’s bowl, and in this case, a lot of water can be wasted even if it is left for only a couple of hours. One can check for water leakage by first filling some water in the bidet bowl and then pouring some food coloring in the water tank. If there is any coloring running through the water in the bowl, it would show that there is a leak.

Step 4 - Check the Filter

If the bidet’s filter is dirty with debris, it will probably cause a leak somewhere in the bidet. Hence, check the filter regularly, and if it is dirty, try to clean it. Otherwise, if it is too dirty, it is better to replace it with a new one which you can buy from any plumbing store.

Step 5 - Water Leaks on the Floor

water on a floor

Another problem is when the bidet starts to leak water on the floor. This leakage is generally common when the wax gasket at the bottom of the bidet is damaged. To solve this problem, you need to detach the bidet from the water supply pipes and the toilet bowl from the floor. Then, clean all the old putty from the bottom of the bowl, remove the old gasket, and replace it with a new one. Then, apply another bend of putty to reattach the bidet bowl to the floor. Finally, secure the two nuts at the bottom of the bowl and attach the water supply to the tank.

These are the most common problems which you may encounter with your bidet. However, if the problem continues to develop, it is recommended to refer to a professional plumber to fix the problem. In addition, as with all bathroom fixtures, giving the proper maintenance to a bidet will help prevent any complex problems.