Troubleshooting Common Geothermal Heat Pump Problems

As with most heat pumping devices, if you have a geothermal heat pump in your home, then you should know that it can easily begin to deteriorate after a few years and may not be able to create the heat that you are looking for from a room. if you want to get the best from your geothermal heat pump, then this lack of heat can be a big problem. Rather than calling up your mechanic, and asking him to take a look, you should first consider doing some light spot-checks of your own, which can help you to find and fix most of the common problems which affect heat pumps, and a geothermal heat pump in particular.

Troubleshooting your Heat Pump

If your geothermal heat pump has stopped working, or appears to be on its last leg, then you should be able to manage a few basic tricks which can help you to get the pump up and working. Give the pump a good clean. if it is outside your house, you might also check for insect activity, or weeds growing in the wrong place. When these are removed, you may find that you have a rejuvenated heat pump already. If not, there are a few more technical things that you can do.

Geothermal Heat Pump Has Lost Heat

There isn't much point in having a heat pump which doesn't produce heat, and this is a problem that you need to deal with right away. Failure to heat is probably the first sign that something is wrong, but a complete lack of heat suggests a couple of simple reasons that you can fix in a few minutes. You should check the power supply. Your geothermal heat pump should have a mains connection, which keeps it pumping. Check this for signs of deterioration, and also check the fuse at the same time. If you have any doubts, replace the whole plug.

Heat Not Sufficient

The heater may also be struggling to produce enough heat for you to manage on. This can be the signs of a heat pump coming to the end of its life, but it may also be a simple problem caused by dirt. If your geothermal heat pump is left outside, this is the most likely cause. Take off the ducts which travel from your heat pump, and the remove the air filters. These can become very dirty in a short space of time, and should be checked every few months, as much as possible. If there is heat, but it all seems to be of a very low temperature, then check the thermostat, and replace if necessary.

Frost on the Pump

Pumps which are outside can become frosted, just as everything else is. If it has been a particularly cold snap here, then you may find that the geothermal heat pump needs to be warmed up before it can produce heat. If it is summer, but there is a light frosting over the evaporator, this suggests that the pump does not have enough refrigeration liquid in, and this may be the cause of the frosting. Add more liquid and keep an eye on the pump.