Troubleshooting Common Pellet Stove Problems

A fire burning in a pellet stove.

According to the manufacturers a pellet stove is likely to develop faults or problems as a result of using poor quality fuel. Consider buying quality wood pellets to use in the stove as they burn efficiently and reduce the amount of waste deposits in the heating appliance.

Check Air Leaks

If the pellet stove is not burning efficiently or producing suitable quantities of heat, the problem could be a result of air leaks through the door seals. Take a look at the door seal and make sure it closes with a perfect fit to eliminate air leaks.

Use High-Quality Pellets

The heating appliance is sure to perform poorly if poor grade of pellets are used as fuel. Buy high quality wood pellets as they burn efficiently and reduce clogging and build up of waste deposits in the system. Practice cleaning the appliance as often as it is recommended by manufacturers, this can be done once in a week or month. Empty the tray ash regularly and dispose the waste safely.

When Stove Won’t Start

If switching on the appliance does not get it running, start by checking the power outlet. In this case, take a look at the household circuit breaker and make sure it is operational. The fuse can be replaced in case it is damaged or it has blown. If the fuse is in good condition, check the condition of the circuit board, this can also be replaced if it is the cause of the problem.

Pellets Feeding Poorly

If the electrical components are in working properly, turn on power supply and check how well pellets feed in the burn pot. Poor feeding might include problems such as the fuel gets jammed in the component. In this case, the auger might be faulty or damaged. Clear the auger and un-jam the device.

Another common problem with the auger is that it might have a faulty motor. Use pliers to fix the motor properly. If it is dirty, then use a brush to remove dirt and debris. Oil or apply some grease to allow the motor to move easily.

Pellet Stove Burning Poorly

For stoves that produce soot or smoke, this can be an indication that the burn pot is not working properly. Remove wastes and accumulated debris from the burn pot, and clean it using a rug.

However, if the burn pot is in proper working condition, check the performance of the vent. Clean it by removing waste deposits and residues. Make sure that the vent is installed correctly. Readjust the component if it is necessary.

For optimal performance of the vent, check that it has a maximum of 90" elbows and that it horizontal length does not exceed 10" at any point in the appliance.

Check Air Inlet Cap

If the air inlet cap is blocked, faulty or damaged then pellets might not burn properly. Unblock it by removing waste deposits and debris. Inspect it to establish if there are any faults or whether it is damaged. It can be replaced if it is in poor condition.


  • The best way to trouble shoot pellet stove problems is to take a look at all components in the appliance. Make sure that the device is clean at all times as most faults develop as a result of accumulation of pellet residues or dirt.

This troubleshooting guide for your pellet stove should get the fire going again. Now you're well equipped to fix future issues as well!