Troubleshooting Common Problems with Your Heat Pump Fan

There are many problems which might occur with your heat pump, and some of these problems can be related directly to the heat pump fan. Before you decide to call an engineer, you should perform these simple troubleshooting techniques which can help you save money while still having your heat pump working properly. Take a little time to check out a few basic problems that can prevent a heat pump fan from turning, and you may not have to call out a professional at all.

Troubleshooting the Heat Pump Fan

You can perform a few tasks which will help you to get the best out of your heat pump fan, and also help you to identify what is preventing the fan from working properly. If the fan does not work, you may find that the whole pump does not work properly. This can be a big problem during colder months if you rely on the pump for most of your heating needs. Start by checking the possible causes for the malfunctioning fan before you consider other, bigger causes.

Fan Doesn't Come On

If the fan does not come on at all, even though you can hear the unit humming, then you have a few things that you can look out for. The basic problem can be that the fan has been unplugged. This may seem obvious, but there have been engineers called out when AC units weren't working, only to find that the resident of the house unplugged part of the air conditioning while vacuuming and forgot to plug it back in.

Another problem can be that the fan motor is defective. Remove the fan from its base. If you have another fan, swap the motors and test them. If the fan you have still does not work, remove all of the wiring from the fan, and replace with new.

Fan Runs But Compressor Doesn't

You may have a fan which works, but does not trigger the compressor to turn on. This suggests that you have a wire burned out at the compressor. You can easily replace these wires when you have found the defective one. Once you have fixed the wire, turn the heat pump back on.