Troubleshooting Common Riding Mower Engine Problems

If you have had your lawn mower for a while, then you may know that the riding mower engine is somewhat unreliable, and you may find that it breaks down completely from time to time. If the engine on your riding mower is suffering from the long-term effects of working too hard, then you may find that it starts to experience some common problems, including failure to start, intermittent power, and other engine-based lawn mower difficulties. Troubleshooting these problems yourself is much cheaper than calling in an engineer, and you may find that you can resolve your riding mower engine troubles with a few car fixing tools. Look for basic problems with the battery, the motor, and the turning of the machine.

Engine Doesn't Crank

Perhaps the commonest of the problems is that the engine won't crank when you come to try and turn it on. This can be caused by a number of different problems, including the fact that the crank is not working. Turning over the engine can mean that you need to add more fuel to the system. You can do this by filling it up from a gas station, or by organizing a premix for your riding mower engine. You may also find that you need to improve your cranking system by applying a layer of grease to the system. This will help you to power up the riding mower engine.

Engine Doesn't Take

Once you have started the engine, you may find that it falls flat very quickly. This can be a serious problem for those who need to use the riding mower on a regular basis. One reason why the mower may not be moving is that the battery is not taking the charge properly. Ensure that you recharge the battery on a regular basis, and for a long period, perhaps a fully 24 hours. If at the end of this period you find that it is still not holding the charge, then you should purchase another battery, and replace the battery. Test out the riding mower engine with the replacement to ensure that it is still working correctly.

Engine Makes Noise

Another problem for the owner of a riding mower is the engine making a lot of noise. If your mower has always made a lot of sound when it is in use then there may be very little that you can do about this, but if it has only just started, then you should consider checking whether the problem has been caused by problems with the fan belt or the operation of the motor. Applying a little lubrication to the motor via the oil inlet tube should be done regularly, and if you have not done so for a while, you may find that this is the cause of the problems. Check for loose parts in the engine, and also for anything touching the engine which might be vibrated while you are driving.