Troubleshooting Common Wall Hung Toilet Problems


There are some problems that are associated with a wall hung toilet. These problems can be associated with how the toilet is hung or connected to its water source. When these problems happen, they affect the ability of the wall hung toilet to work properly. The way to address these problems is to examine the way in which the toilet is installed or determine the type of wall hung toilet that you have and the problem that it is experiencing.

Wall hung toilets can have a tank that is attached to it like a floor mounted toilet, or use a flushometer. There are problems that may be common to both or problems that are the same but treated differently based on the wall hung toilet's setup. This article will discuss 2 common problems associated with wall hung toilets.

Common Problems With Wall Hung Toilets

2 problems that can occur with a wall hung toilet include it feeling loose or jiggling when you sit on the toilet and the toilet leaking at the wall when you flush it. The problem with a toilet that rocks or feels that it is coming loose is that it has not been properly seated against the wall. In this case, you will need to remove the wall hung toilet from the wall and have it reinstalled. This can be done by you or if you were the one who originally installed the toilet, it should be done by a qualified and licensed plumber.

In the case of leakage when you flush, the toilet was improperly installed and connected to the plumbing. This can be a huge problem for you if it is not addressed right away. A toilet that leaks into the wall when you flush it can cause water damage to the interior wall that will result in a much more expensive repair in order to correct. In the case of leaks into the wall you need to shut the toilet off immediately and remove it from the wall.

Additional Problems With Wall Hung Toilets

A wall hung toilet, like floor mounted toilets, can develop a problem of constantly running or not properly shutting off after you flush the toilet. In a wall hung toilet that has a tank this problem is caused by the ball cock or float inside the tank needing to be adjusted or replaced. In most cases when you hear the water running after the bowl has refilled, you need to remove the tank cover and make an adjustment to the ball cock and float, using a screwdriver. In cases where making the adjustment does not do the trick, you need to replace the assemble completely.

In a flushometer style wall hung toilet the problem with the water running can be addressed by replacing the flushometer. This device regulates water in the same way the ball cock and float does so replacing the flushometer should solve the problem.